NGOs in Los Angeles

Many people may not realize how much non-governmental organizations help the people in the communities and towns that they serve. In Los Angeles California there are thousands of different nongovernmental organizations. These organizations run all of their own operations and they also are in charge of organizing their own events in order to raise funds for their cause.

These nongovernmental organizations also do lobbying so that they can get more charity in order to help out all of their programs.

There are some nongovernmental organizations that are well-known in Los Angeles and around the world and there also some that are not as popular, whether a nongovernmental organization is well-known or not the work that they do is huge, and they are working for the better good of the community and also they want to help people in other countries that need their assistance as well.

Chiapas Children’s Project

Chiapis Children’s Project is an non-governmental organization that tries to help children that are need in the indigenous Mayan communities. These are communities that are in the area of San Cristobal. The Chiapas Children Project offers educational assistance and it endeavors to create a learning environment where all members of the community value education and where education is available to all of the members of that community.

Good Neighbors

Good Neighbors is a Los Angeles-based nongovernmental organization that helps children and families to prevent poverty and helps them to find relief from hunger, diseases and natural disasters.

Coalition to abolish Slavery and Trafficking

This coalition is Los Angeles-based and their main goal is to abolish slavery in the entire world. They also strive to give power to the survivors of human trafficking and they help these survivors to succeed in life and they help them to also help other victims of human trafficking to achieve their general human rights.

DARE International

DARE International is a very well-known Los Angerles based nongovernmental organization. DARE international has the mission to stop gang violence and incorporate the importance of not doing drugs and staying away from gangs into schools for children all around the world.

Captive Daughters Films

Captive Daughters Films is a nongovernmental organization that is based in Los Angeles. This organization makes films that help to promote activism for human rights. Their purpose is to educate people all around the world about human trafficking and other abuses through their films and through creative media.

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