NGOs in Boston

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a citizen-centered association that operates freely of any government, and established to bring resources or serve social or political drive.

NGOs are categorized as either operational, dealing with development projects, or advocacy, principally concerned with endorsing a cause.

NGOs perform such duties as education and public safety, environmental conservation, women empowerment, disaster relief, community health elevation, community based development initiatives and management of emerging health issues.

Boston houses many NGOs, most which are recognized globally. They raise billions of dollars through fundraising, and the money is used to fund programs such as health, education, environment and disaster relief. The following are some of the NGOs based in Boston and an overview of what they are involved with.

BNID: The Boston network for international development. Founded in 2004, its purpose is to act as resource and connection point for greater Boston area international development community. It addresses the issue of global poverty, and raises awareness of challenges facing the international community within the Greater Boston community.

ACCION International: Empowers people to become financially independent through provision of microfinance loans to people in Africa, Latin America, USA and Asia. Being the largest micro-finance institution in USA, its mission is to create a financially inclusive world and improve people’s lives.

Grassroots International: its core mission is to create a just and sustainable world through advancement of peoples’ rights to such resources as food, water and land. Works with small farmers, women, and indigenous people to achieve sustainable agriculture and clean environment. Its goals are accomplished through grant-making activities that finance social movements and connect various organizations and movements globally.

Environmental Defense Fund: this is a leading non-profit organization that aims at creating transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. It employs tactics such as practical internships, smart economics, and rigorous science to protect the Earth’s resources.

International Institute of New England: the NGO was founded in 1924 and has been helping immigrants, asylum seekers, refuges and other vulnerable groups in metro Boston. It helps establish immigrant communities so they can live a normal life.

Clinton Health Access Initiative: It was founded by President William J. Clinton in 2002. The NGO aims at expanding access to treatment for Malaria, HIV/AIDS and other illnesses globally.


Job Listings

Clinton Health Access Initiative

Grants Administrator, Budgeting & Reporting

Clinton Health Access Initiative

Grants Administrator, Budgeting & Reporting

Clinton Health Access Initiative

Grants Administrator, Budgeting & Reporting

Schneider Electric

Strategic Influence Director

Boston University

Outreach And Communications Specialist, University Research

New England Aquarium

Director, Marine Conservation Policy and Leadership

Western Union

Territory Sales Executive


Software Developer Vecna Cares Charitable Trust


Vecna Cares - Full Stack Senior Software Engineer


Vecna Cares - New Grad Software Developer